Soah '.'

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Story Time? (Sit Down, Keep Listening) - Poem by Soah '.'

There's no need for a micerophone,
If you wanna hear me,
Then you should step closer to me,
Until I feel that you feel me,
Until my aura is sickening-
But even then
Keep Listening,
Cause I need every fan that I can,
To stand with me
So then my presence is a present
And when we collect together,
We make any stage shine
Till they swear it's Heaven,
And I'm Heavenly and Heaven-sent,
Not the normal Christian
Cause I don't believe in repentance,
My sin is my sin
And I send it
To my Father for his evaluation
And if he say I can make it
Then I'mma walk to the gates of
Heaven, a peasant,
And say 'Wassup' to Jesus,
My Brother and,
Does that make him my brethren?
It doesn't matter, I'll ask him later,
Right now, I'm enjoyin'
The view, from,
A better place
And that's a taste,
Of what Life would be like,
If life for me ended
And that'd start the beginnin'
Of all the time I missed..
Or I feared that I would
Naw, scratch past tense
I still fear that I am
Missin' out on something,
I swear, it's not fair
That I'm only
One man
But even if I split me
I wouldn't feel no difference
Cause I'd still wanna experience
Life on the side that I'm not experienced in
But if I could mix tish in
Then I could take it
And now I wish that I could write Choruses
Cause I'd put one in now
So I didn't sound abrupt for wanted to close this
But I have to close this,
But just know this:
This is just a note
That a wrote
Cause you like poets
So just call me yo' poet

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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