Soah '.'

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Maria Stayed Out All Night - Poem by Soah '.'

She gettin' ready, did the hair right, got her curls on
Long wavy tish, goin' from endzone to endzone
-And thats for a sports fan, tonight's full of spectators
And you know where she's goin is full of nothin' but her haters

But she's gone, like Hiatus, to see all, like 'Hi Haters! '
And the way that she's dancin' is collective: it's not fadin'
She, she parties right, got her pack with her,
That's three other fine women,
No, here we call them bad women

In this scene we see that bad means 'Perfect'
But the drinks are duckin' them,
They're sendin'em right to her
Still, and the guys, they pick up the bill,
No problem
And she doesn't mind, she's enjoyin' her,
No problem

And here comes me, I move in, like interceptin a pass
And now she's lookin at me, like I tried to made a grab
And honestly I don't mind it, I order the usual
So the 'tender sends down the wine and,

She unwinds and I feel somethin on my back,
Ten stares from behind, daggers slicin' at my neck

And knowin' me-you know me: I gotta do them the meanest,
I lean in and whisper tish, like 'Ay girl, I mean it'
Heh, they don't like that.
But you use to it,
although I'm beatin them,
I'm losin to you cause you through with me

You get your things and make up an excuse to go
Watch you walkin from the bar into that party zone
A smile crosses my face: I'm glad you didn't leave
Party hard, party up, you runnin' this scene
I ain't catch the name or the number, but it ain't a defeat
I pulled you aside and made you talk to me,
So clearly

Even outta the guys you dancin' with, I'm the victor here
But I feel poor here,
Cause now you makin it a point of yours to make me jealous
What the -, what the -, we just met, your not Paris

And then my confidence started to perish,
I realize your not stupid, your controllin' the air here
But two can play at this game, 'I talked to your friend Jenny,
So Maria's your name? Alright, that's nice, don't you think
Our feelin's the same?
We should go party alone, we should leave this place'

But I know, in all truth, that we need this place
Here your a star, and I'm a stunner, we gleam if we face
Any direction in this room, and thats needless to say,

I felt that you needed to say nothin'
I could see it in your eyes
'We' won't leave this place
'Me' and 'You' will definiately walk out,
But it won't be the same

And again, you make up an excuse for you to go
As I watch you walk away I smile cause your beautiful
And your shakin' your body,
Yeah you movin' it fast,
Protectin' ya'self, but I'm lovin' it, Dance!

Yeah Maria dance...

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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