Call Me Once Poem by Ayhan Diril

Call Me Once

n the streets you have been to
Still remains your fascinating smell.
My world, without you, is nothing but a cell.

Falling leaves make me wonder
What causes the distance between us.
Would it be easy to find a bus
And reach you in this fuss?

In the darkest time of the night.
If the moon feels shy
And gives a smile for awhile.
At the top of the hills.
Then the snow will melt
It will be the end of the
Endless longing I felt.

It is no use washing these dirty hands.
What becomes white is not my hands
But my hair having the color of snow.
If there is no hope of rain,
There will be no rivers to flow.
No winds to blow.
No blood to run in my vein.

Your name always echoes in my ears.
The closed doors give no hope to my fears.
It's not that easy to be patient for years.
Give me a chance to wipe the tears.

As this longing grows each second,
I wish you called me once
Before the stars die, before the moment I die!
Then I would be sure my love isn't a lie.

As I sigh in my last breathe out
How I wish to whisper your name.
How I wish to rest in your green paradise.
I will get crazy otherwise.
I wonder if I will see the red roses again.
I wonder if your smile stops this pain.
Your name is like a prayer in my tongue.
Your absence is like a fire in my lung.

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