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I called just now… just to say
Just to say… what I have to say
I hope you don’t think me rude
For calling at this time, for being such a prude
I need to do this, I really want to actually
But I find it hard to express verbally
I called… right… I already said that
But of course, you already know that
I called to ask, or to say… just to say
What I have, what I mean to say
So I say that I wanted to tell you this thing
This thing that you might be interested in
I wanted to ask your opinion on it
You know, your thoughts, just a bit.
I wanted to make sense at least
I’m not really right now, I sound like dead yeast
I’m sure you didn’t come to that conclusion
I think by now you believe I’ve had some sort of contusion
In my brain or in this space between my ears
Which is badly failing me now it appears
I called to say, to say what I have to say.
I li…. lighted you a candle on my way home yesterday.
I’ll call again, if you’d let me.
Tonight I’ll… just… let you be.

Bridgid Patrick 16 January 2006

great poem.. keep up the good work x

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Mary Nagy 26 November 2005

I really enjoyed this Warren.........very sweet. I want to have such a great name!'s one of those name ya just want to repeat! Sincerely, Mary

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