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It was only a kiss.
It was only a kiss
I woke up to this morning.
It was only a kiss.

And So I Write

And so I write on my pages today
A list of things that I might say
Of lessons in life, love, change and dismay
A couple of months and a few days away

Parting Of Ways

Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t feel it,
The sparks from our first kiss,
It lasted for a lifetime and ended too soon.


Soft fluffy cookies of different shapes and sizes
Fun and Happy Samples full of big Surprises.

Chocolate Chip Treats, Creamy and Chewy

A Hint Of Nostalgia

A swig of ale for the good old boys,
Who play non-stop with old men’s toys,
Stay up all night not to read or write,
But to woo the girls or scare up a fight.

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chelle santos 01 August 2005

someone's been really busy writing lately: D

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I like to write. And I enjoy reading what people write about what I write. Feel free to comment on my poetry as much as you want.

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