Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

Can We Appeal For Peace - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

Night already fall down
& sun hides himself with in a cloud
Star already ready for dazzling in the sky
Somehow I am still here with a broken hope
Can we make some change?
Is it possible?
I ask once & twice then further I stop my mouth
We are not here for ourselves
God send us for some proposes
Did everyone forget this?
Then why not taking any steps
Life is full of up & hill
Still I believe nothing can alter Ur peace of mind
I believe no strome has power to beat me
Until & unless I don't want by myself
My heart & mind is not separate
They both work together
Still sometimes some foggy thoughts
Change me for a while
I believe heart always not break for love matters
Sometimes it breaks
When something our heart couldn't accept
When it sees injustice & lie
A silence cry inside me
How much we tolerate these things
Can anyone stop this?
My heart ask a silent question to everyone & everyday
Can anyone stop this?
We wanna live
We wanna fulfill our dream
Can you give me smile?
Can you help me fight against injustice?
Can you request everyone for peace?
Can you promise me these?
It's heart of a girl who cries for get justice
Who demanded for tremendous change?
In judiciary system in a nation
We all may be different from each others
But our heart & mind is one
One cry for another
Can you come & cry with me
Help me to fight against these
Which is directly proportional to peace?
Education & science are not mean for destroy or money
However it has power to triumph over wild
& tremendous change to get the peace
If you properly utilize this
We all should remove the word like war from our heart & mind
As We all are altruist
We wanna see our earth a peaceful place for all
Where there is no space for evil
Can we dream for it?
How can u smile when someone is crying?
Can you do like this
If you do then I believe
Humanity died for a while
I hate to see
When small kids crying for getting peace & smile
& became whole life lonely without getting their parents
& begging in front of you for get some food for live proposes
I hate to see
When a girl cries for justice & alas kills herself
When her toleration beyond her limit
I hate to see
When tears remains in the eyes of old days of old parents
When they saw their son dead
To save his brothers & sisters
Just close your eyes for a while
Imagine it with a real pic
Your heart will breakdown into a number of piece
You can't understand where you exist
& thanks to lord thousand times
It's too easy to imagine & write & speak
However very difficult to be a realistic
A tremendous change will happen
When one heart cares about others
& also feel for it
Can I request you all?
For a peace
Let's pray for peace & abolish cruel thoughts & violence from our mind
Let's pray together before this god
Whom you pray or believe
Let's start our journey form today
for peaceful earth & life

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