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Candlebra - Christianity And Neoclassicism Do Love Enterprise And Beauty In Religion And Art - Poem by Gayathri B. Seetharam

CANDLEBRA - Christianity and Neoclassicism Do Love Enterprise and Beauty in Religion and Art
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
The Brisbane Sonnet consists of two sestets and a couplet. The original sestet was based on the Hymnal Octave form which has a rhyme scheme of a.b.c.b.a.b.c.b. Two of the b lines are removed and leave a rhyme scheme of a.b.c.a.b.c. by adding another similar sestet d.e.f.d.e.f. and a couplet, g.g., this sonnet form was born.
The Hymnal used an alternating meter Iambic Tetrameter followed by Iambic Trimeter. As the Australian dialect has its own natural meter which is a mixture of Iambic and Anapest the meter was set as just any Pentameter.
This sonnet form was created during a working visit to Brisbane during the floods after talking with some of the flood victims.

Please note: I am using the broad perspective that art in literature is wit and wordplay.
I intend to make a painting of a candlebra which is artistic
In the sense that it is at night, beautiful
And with its 3 lamps, by day, allegorical
A religion different from my own faith, Christianity, speaks of The Immaculate Conception, and love without consummation makes one many a time, beatific
But from books and hearsay, as a Hindu, I love the fact that Eve seduces Adam at the instigation of the serpent for I love physical love also and this influences all wives to be dutiful
The third aspect that is beautiful about Christianity is the face that Jesus Christ, after suffering so much of pain, was resurrected from the dead as a man-God and this is rhetorical
I said that it is about the Creator and the author's or artist's dossier
And this, I assure you from some experience, requires enterprise
And ensures the creator's fidelity
In literary prose for (and I swear to you that the thought came to me just now) prose in art is painting landscapes, I came up with a special observation when I was reading R.B. Sheridan's play, The School for Scandal, and this was a drey
Next to the tree trunk, the entire witty work, and I noted that a character says sarcastically that the fellow does not have virtue enough to be faithful to his villainy and this seems like I seemed to possess incisor-like eyes
But upon little careful thought (although my husband said that logic must not dictate wit) , it is fantastic that the fellow is said to be lacking virtue and this lack of virtue contributes to society's fertility
In literary poetry for artistic poetry is painting portraits of people and still life pictures, while researching an elegy, it occurred to me that William Wordsworth's poem from his Lyrical Ballads, She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways is an elegy which speaks of grief
And this is my third example from Neoclassicism and it is a painting by Sir Edward J. Poynter and it is Psyche in the Temple of Love and making Psyche the x-variable and love the y-variable, it is a graph.

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4. My and my husband's male friend, Mohan K.S. for having given me the art book, Victorian Art, which made me more culturally rich.

Topic(s) of this poem: art, literature, religion

Form: Brisbane Sonnet

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