Can't Live Without You Poem by Tina Rizk

Can't Live Without You

My love,

My heart wandered as a cloud
Feeling alone amid the crowd
Lost in an impasse, an abyss
You entered my life as a bliss

The horizon was unclear, covered by mist
No light, all seemed wrong, not right
I never belonged here, was feeling fright:
I'm here my love, don't fear,
You suddenly whispered to my ear

With you I found a meaning to my existence
My heart can't breathe without your love
My soul can't find peace unless with you
And I... I can't live without you

Love is now our own, felt by our two hearts
It's a story, we write it in our own alphabet
In a place and a time where our souls met
I look in your tender eyes and see a million galaxies
You gaze into my eyes and see just you and me

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

Can't Live Without You
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