Bishoy Sargius

Carolina - Poem by Bishoy Sargius

Hey Carolina, I see you
I'm looking at an angel sitting by a window
With tears pouring out due to her sorrow
And helpless I am left with nothing to do
recalling memories of whence you flew
and I laid on the ground full of morning dew
But I can't tell you what made us slew
We just followed wherever the wind had blew
And soon your heart became a sad shade of blue
But I'll tell you right now that when you're low
That life will always be full of woe
But your smile was as warm as grandma's wool
And deep inside you made my heart whole
As a melody of love had always flowed
Shining on the darkness deep down below
And the depression that soon began to show
But learn that whenever I am with you
It somehow makes my glass heart become full
And one day I'll tell you that you'll overflow
You'll be like before where you'll always glow
Because the whole world is your great grand show
It's about a girl who had once always flown
But her wings became crippled all too soon
And slowly she began to sink and drown
Because she never could've taken off Death's gown
She was walking straight down to death row
And she even began to craft her gallow
Thinking that she was left all on her own
But she never knew that I learned to sew
I was making a dress of a deep blue
That would go along with her ring and glass shoes
That I had kept in a box long overdue
Because of my fear that you won't say I do
Remember that cabin where it had snowed
We both laid down and made angels of snow
But what I made was an imprint of you

Topic(s) of this poem: dark, fear, hope, love, sad, sad love, story

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I came up with this in English class while ignoring my teacher and spent about a few minutes to write the entire thing up. I showed it to some people and a few of my English in my school to get feedback and constructive criticism and they said they liked it and didn't know how I could make it better but I know there is always room for improvement. If you have any tips and feed back I would love to hear because this was the third poem I have ever written in my entire life really. I have a few more poems that I wrote and would love to hear any way I could improve because I am thinking about minoring in English after my senior year of high school. Right now I just finished my sophomore year and am now heading to be a junior. Thanks to anyone who had read this poem and thanks as well if you had left a response of some kind. I truly appreciate anyone who even just bothered to read this or click on it out of interest.

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