Cat Island Corfu Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Cat Island Corfu

Cat Island Corfu
Cats, Cats, Cats
Here is a story about the cats of Corfu
To the citizens of Corfu it's nothing new
Boldly roaming wildly around the villages
Young, old, middle-aged and different ages
There seems to be a stray cat population
Their numbers alone can form a cat nation

Cats, Cats, Cats
Cats jumping from one window to another
Cats fighting over territory with each other
Skinny cats, fats cats, small cats, big cats
Left, right and centre you see the Cats
Cats bold and old
Cats young and strong

On this Island
Cats are the animal brand
Cats on the roof of a house
Playing the game of cat and mouse
Cats on the roof of a car
Cats hoping for a drink in the bar

Cats, Cats, Cats
Cats invading, pleading, stealing
Some alone and miserable
Others strong and capable
Wild cats on the sandy beach
Lonely cats out of handy reach
Loved cats and abandoned cats
White, black, ginger and striped cats
Feral, fat, small, big and skinny cats
And some live in multiple colonies
Loving each other in perfect harmonies
And this is ‘Cat Island Corfu'

Copyright September 2020 - Lovina.S.ChidI

Kostas Lagos 26 September 2020

I love this poem and I'm not a cat!

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