Catch Us If You Can Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Catch Us If You Can

Revolutions! !
Makes our world rotate
So let's turn and revolt
Let's seek that cloud within our mind
And throw a lightning bolt
There is nothing good we see around
As we look into our souls
Let's fight, spread fright with all our might
And reach another goal
Great men were great
For their words of hate
While peace was a candle for fools
Which they lit in the dark
Without a spark
Without the revolting tools
The world is poor and people are sad
It feels good at times to feel very bad
For bleeding hearts and bruised brains
Let us put some salt
To ease your pains
As you yell we feel proud
We love to see you cry aloud
As we shed dry tears of joys
Playing and breaking our favourite toys
Thank You folks!
You liked our jokes!
For our efforts to make you smile
It was just you with your stupid mind
That found nectar in the bile
Shun the sweet for bitter
To live a life for better
Even the doctor would say the same
We light golden lamps, cut silly silky bands
Our world is timid and tame
We have worked so much
We deserve a prize
For our struggles in fighting peace
While you thought that we always fought
Of laying our lives for your bliss
The grass is green, and the other side
Is a place we would hate to see
So please crib and cry as the days go by
That's the place we want you to be
One day we will fire the Sun with our gun
We never resolved to evolve
We revolted instead for peace and fun
That's how problems get solved

Saturday, May 9, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: revelry
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