Caught Up In The Middle Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Caught Up In The Middle


I cast my eyes like a net in a calm pond
Trying to fish out the answers why everybody is caught up.
You see, tailors are just caught up in torn suits that they be sewing
And lawyers caught up in raw suits that they be suing
Young men and women caught up in higher education that they be pursuing
But seems the higher we go the more unknowing like we become
Losing our minds in this endless pursuit of happiness

Our teachers also caught up in mearge salaries
In classes they leave us with nothing to discuss but purple hibiscus
And am just so caught up trying to figure out this life
At some point even trying to convince my mom to let me quit college
Since drop outs too graduate to the next life too anyway
But she says son, you have to study and work hard to become something some day
But I say don't you worry momma, you didn't give birth to a nothing
But instead you raised an achiever with potential much greater

Trapped, unappreciated and caught up is how I feel
In this confusion we are all caught up
We always thought that one day we'd practice what the preacher taught
But even the preacher is now caught up with a congregation
That hasn't had its prayers answered in over half a decade now.

I am caught up reciting this piece thinking that you should listen
But instead you are also trapped in your own small world
And I guess that's probably why Readers ingest,
What politicians ingest, these characters to parliament we elect, it is funny
And now here I stand, tired of wailing like bunny.

Caught up is how I felt when I realized that the cover story on the daily
Was just a cover to the real story and so the people is misled on the daily basis
In this state I sink deeper in deprivation
I need teachings to lift me up off these struggles
And I heard your auntie's daughter is caught up too,
She thinks she has had enough of it
But has no idea what awaits her round the corner.

Caught Up In The Middle
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