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Body And Spirit

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Body & Spirit

Without a body and soul
All that man treasures would I not wish to have
Power, love and riches that invoke greed and lust
Within the depth of my spirit still lays a desolate plea
over the agonizing flesh are turbulent desires
The possibilities are limitless, and that is Awesome.
& I am filled with Awe that the body is just an instrument that I've been given to express my spirit

Body and spirit to harbor my thoughts and innocent desires
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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: free verse
Dr Antony Theodore 10 May 2016

Body and spirit to harbor my thoughts and innocent desires spirit to discern times and tides body to make steps and leave a mark on the fine sands of these earth breathe from my spirit as i explore the depth and texture of God given air....... the body and soul and the body and spirit, , , , , a perennial theme which theologians, philosopher of all time and religious leaders discussed. you are in that line..... a philosophical and spiritual poet..... thank you dear poet. tony

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Mohammad Skati 21 August 2014

This is a pretty poem that depicts both our bodies and our spirits in life. Thanks.

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