Niken Kusuma Wardani

Cayman Island - Poem by Niken Kusuma Wardani

I've packed my thought and sealed the echo
Got to rush to attend our indecent trip
It's a refreshing note for me and a wishful tone for you
Breathing deep as if we're suffocated by the idea
Enjoy this small site with the biggest question mark
What are we after this secret party?
What will be the history? Is it us or them?
The breeze deliver yr fragile finger to secure the warm
I look away and yet am lost… would you find me?
The island and its busy life - we ponder and frame the time
Few small words and lot of looks filled of unwritten hope
It is not about the air nor the loneliness - that's nothing
The mix of feeling and addictive-poison of become each-other-half
Got us stranded in a closed door - the heartbeat crashed on the wall
The promises stand to guard us - facing against each other desire
The ticking time dripping more of devastated message - what would we do?
'Are you ok there...' silly question popped up - I nod and sigh
The second line '…but I can't hear you' the flash light of yr eyes hit me
A step away - I withdraw from this scene - don't have the nerve to passed you
A step closer - I signing a new fate - don't fancy to removing my old-well-being
I trembled in vain to gesture my response - your faint smile said it's ok
I spent thousands second try to digest yr inviting look - should I succumbed to my curiosity?
'Why…? ' yr single question made the blood rush to my head - shaking in panic
Your awkward gentle hand cares my hair - I stuck freeze from those light kiss…
If the angel were around will they closed their eyes and pray for my sense?
I am not giving up to temptation - sweet words - tender touch - all melt in my spark
Had I sold my soul to the devil and fly here - heaven on earth and hell on eternity
'Spare me…' my words emerge bluntly - it works like a false-warning
None of us move - I'm remain and you're there - sipping my gaze
It was not love - so we confirmed - perhaps something better but not less
'I'd spare the world…' small nod and I understand - overwhelmed
We try to let our soul searching their own path - mismatch - is it now?
We talked - we dance - we run and exhausted - we comply with the nature-rules
Sometimes the doubt of seeing the sun without warm light of yr eyes blinded me
Other times yr simple tenderness made me insecure
It feels like a decade yet it so damn-fast - like twins - we're one and once …
So there we are … so much to conclude - too much for an essay even a novel
The memory had been wrapped in the bag - as we should bid goodbye at different direction
This noise of the flight is just soundtrack which always fails to distract
Should we forgot - shall we cherish? I step forward - all question choked my mind
The grip of yr finger tightening - the cozy eyes that used to possessed me, pleading
'Please…' was all you could say - dropping the bag with yr glittering eyes
Lifting our twined hand I show you our wedding ring
Diamond with different shape for different vow to our own spouse
We have forsaken our world for this hidden madness
Stared at me forlornly, 'No more… here's our future' the statement thrilled my thought
Tears blurred my sight, 'I…' my world lost - yr tight-demanding-embrace smothered me
Should I lost once again in Cayman Island?

**For Neel**

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poem Edited: Sunday, September 2, 2012

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