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China Nafs In Cracks By Cauchy3 - Poem by cheung shun sang

China NAFFS in cracks…

Annapolis marines come as nobles blown to minds.

Bent to gods and take the anchor.

U.S.A needs the best to theaters.

Powwow knows the ways to see the winds.

Winds do not conquer all machines.

Take APOGEANS near to touch.

Get APOLLYONS waste to junks.

Blocks in heads the modern days as schools and yards to taunt for china godlike leaderships are Mega.

Marred the plots are china fears to world as justices.

Marred the texts are china policies.

NAFF in cracks are mufflers dead in sounds of china nation mouths.

Early maudlin rounds are 6-4 for china fear.

China fears in year 1989 and 4th of June the bath with peoples bloods are such.

LUA HE BALL is stirred and yeasts to breads but put to jails with made china persecutions all in year ends of 2009.

There are many such cases beside china 6-4.

Who will speak to laws with freedoms making justices?

Megalomania made the world in guns and shadows.

Mirrors cones are GENTZEN math and German U-boats as the worst china logic.

GENTZEN math analysis better forms.

China logics analysis boots to geese steps are ways.

---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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