# Chingari Koi Bhadke(' When A Spark Flares Up The Woods') Poem by Shamik Kumar Bose

# Chingari Koi Bhadke(' When A Spark Flares Up The Woods')

Rating: 2.7

It was composed by Anand Bakshi for the movie 'Amar Prem'. The song at http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=kpM0jPd6-7w


When a spark flares up the woods
May come the Monsoon and douse
But if Monsoon stokes even the fire by itself
Ah! Who may drench it at all!

If Winter robs my own garden
Come soft the Spring and bloom
Yet when Spring robs her a brute by itself
Ah! Who may bloom it at all!

O! Do not ask me why
Temple of my dreams lying shattered
I may not ask anyone
May this story ends only within us!

My heart at enemy's hurt so moribund
May come my love and console
Yet when inflicts she such a wound
Ah! Who may erase it at all!

Who knows what might have happened?
What might I have done, who knows at all?
Now life, that only a drink sustains
Without that, surely I had died!

When this world so dry, drains me out
Wine must come and quench
Yet when wine itself makes me a dry
Ah! Who may quench me at all!

May I admit when comes a tempest
No one can put it inside a slumber
Yet call me now not these waves
Someone is there for such a plunder!

While at mid a river, a boat rocks
May the ferryman take it safe
Alas! When he sinks his own boat by himself
Ah! Who may save it at all!

Shamik Bose 12.06.10 Calcutta

Shamik Kumar Bose

Shamik Kumar Bose

Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India
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