Alyssa Lynn

Chipped Sidewalks - Poem by Alyssa Lynn

Chipped sidewalks, broken glass, cracked spotlights, broken hearts, along with chipped spirits. Pictures, memories, empty hallways. It’s all passing me, it’s all speeding right by. I try, try to grasp a small sense of clarity. I’m an “adult” but what does that mean? Am I officially old enough to be “responsible? ” Am I worthy? Love songs playing, with no one in particular in mind. Inspiration in a mixed media full of newspaper and paint, I’m running, I pass crayons, I pass swings, I pass childhood, as my innocence fades. I can’t help but wonder, what it’s like to want love, I mean crave it and although being naïve, still be able to grasp it. Paranoid, judging, hypocritical, a tease perhaps, those are the words that could be used. Turn, turn the tables, turn around, rewind far enough to still have a child-like spirit. What am i? I mean now, am I a girl, a woman what? I can’t help but feel like there’s something I can’t quite grasp. I miss the rush, the rush of a kiss; I miss the danger that comes with it. I’m distant, it’s like I’m looking down at the person I used to be…I swear I’ve never missed someone so much…myself. Somewhere in between all the running, the laughing, the blissful ignorance, I lost me. Somewhere in between all the chips in the sidewalks, the long nights telling myself that I was strong enough to overcome heartbreak I became a person I can’t recognize. I used to be so different; I had this hope and dream of love, this naive innocence, a almost never ending optimistic view, a confidence that made me feel like I could handle it all.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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