Christ: The Light Of The World Poem by Denis Martindale

Christ: The Light Of The World

A nightly vision came to me, as in the dream I slept,
Pertaining to humanity and every tear once wept...
But God refused to let it lie, without a hope or prayer
And on the future, let me spy, my broken heart to spare.

I saw the Earth amid the stars... and sun and moon above,
It teemed with life, as if not sparce, yet here, more than enough.
And this new Earth was beaming light, just like the sun and moon,
It truly was a wondrous sight and to my eyes, a boon!

It simply took my breath away! I asked God to explain...
He said the vision won't delay, the Earth will smile again...
With humans by the billions now, awaiting Christ's return,
Beyond the times God must allow and lessons still to learn...

The Earth was filled with melodies, from both the young and old,
The creatures forming harmonies of greater worth than gold...
Men prayed, Lord, heal the planet, too, let planet Earth be blessed!
Yes, this was what my eyes could view, a new Earth at its best...

Then darkness melted in my mind, to steal the dream within,
As if my very soul was blind, by doubts and pain and sin.
When I awoke upon my bed, the blankets I unfurled
And at God's painting smiled instead: Christ: the Light of the World!

Denis Martindale, copyright, March 2012.

The poem is based on the famous painting of
Jesus Christ that's known across the world.
William Holman Hunt's picture can be found
on the Internet eg Google images search and
with cross references for St Paul's Cathedral.

We can hear the word of the Lord on
Revelation TV on UK Sky Digital 581
as well as the WATCH NOW link on
the revelationtv-dot-com website...

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