Christmas Eve Poem by Bamukunda Hillary

Christmas Eve

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Christmas Witchcraft
Christmas has robbed me.
I can't find my money.
My year's savings have been ruined,
For the laughters of shopkeepers.
I hear everyone is dying to spend.
This witchcraft is real and tempting,
That churches and shrines share the same epidemic.
Christmas has taught me,
The desire to impress my neighbor.
I must be competitive.
As if June wasn't slippery on my December journey.
I must show the world my mighty,
Celebrating the day as if there is no tomorrow.
"Am the most successful this year",
Christmas tells me.
Christmas has really dictated.
Indeed am sad,
That I have to meet my meat appetite.
The life of the lifeless!
Sheep, chicken, goat and cows cry
Of the ill fated Christmas day.
As they perish prematurely,
"Jesus is born that they may have life",
Reverend's shout hilariously.
Christmas has brought me home.
I must be born with Christ.
Fellow travelers were surprised
At how home has changed over the past decades.
They seemed to be lost on their way.
Were they also following the star?
But then why the doubled transport fare?
I doubt that the any savior will be born.
Christmas has exhilarated me,
Did all this happen when my mother was in labor?
Did the people share the same madness?
I see, I was born in God's image like him
Ohhhhh! I forget my mother was never a virgin
As I wait for the new-year,
Christmas says,
"Be happy and jubilate, you are problems free. "
©Bamukunda Hillary ©2016

Thursday, December 7, 2017
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Dr Antony Theodore 08 April 2018

Christmas has brought me home. I must be born with Christ... thoughts, your mother, virginity, Christ the Saviour... thinking on Christmas eve.. very nice poem dear poet. thank u. tony

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Mary Skarpathiotaki 09 December 2017

Βravo! ! ! Christmas are not a chiken in the table! ! ! ! Vote 10++++++++++++++++++

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 December 2017

A sublime start with a wonderful poem Welcome to Poem Hunter dear poet

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