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Closure(-2) - Poem by sticker mykes

i could cry forever, stare till i could not care anymore but its not the same, the focal point is that it will never be the same way it was suppose to has progressed, time has moved on, all living things have aged, its you who is stuck, rigid, not wanting to take the next step, what is stopping you from reaching to your destination, there were thorns, ditches, sandstorms, wildfires, all got rained upon, died, swept away by some unforseeakable force i still cant imagine exists, but you are damned not to move from this focal point, all this gravitational pull is going to pull you down, there has to be a better way for you to survive this utter gruesome have been put under a trance, you have to get out of it, shake it off, pull off the covers of misery, dont let this temporary tantrum let you down, you are what you wanted to be, you have achieved alot, you can do better, dont get battered by this demeaning intriguing, heartbreaking lure of a third kind.cant let you go there again, its too troublesome, you are better then all of them, let the world know what you are capable of doing, ill help you, ill be your reins, ill be your pillar, your base and whatever you want me to be, i havent given up on you and i dont want you to give up on yourself you are better then that, just look in the mirror and you will see, you are what you become, and you my friend are gold, dont let this temporary distraction stray you from your ultimate goal, you are the force to be reckon with, i am you and you me.i will not let you down, not leave you, will get rid of all these traps and doors of distractions, deception.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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