Clumsy Hands Poem by kipper Stagg

Clumsy Hands

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I held a sunbeam in these clumsy hands gentle but so short
Its light shone so brightly that for a moment I was blind,
I had held others before but their light quickly faded to a dull glow!

This sunbeam lit up this dark and gloomy world and it was unlike the others I had caught
It did not fade nor disappear and was kind and within my heart it would flow through my veins.
Glancing upward into the bright sky, the sun smiled and a bird twittered gay
But then a cloud passed across the face of the sun and an old oak tree swayed
A chill passed through the air.
The cloud passed and all at once I noticed the moon in broad daylight
Looking in awe of its majesty I am reminded of my own mortality

But nothing could compare to that majesty I once coveted so dearly
And cherished, Held in these clumsy hands!

Elena Sandu 03 May 2011

What a beautiful poem, it melt my heart! I love its imagery, wish I could draw or paint those clumsy hands by lovely sunbeams for a second being kissed! I think that maybe we are not supposed to hold the sunbeams more than a second, they are meant for all so maybe you are right, soon after being held would loose their shine.You were lucky to had it more than a second, (wasn't it because you made it shine?) .. Sitting under a sunbeam, my happiness would be immense! I'd close my eyes and stretch my arms, my body and my soul, to feel all of its warm! There is no need to watch its shine when under, maybe by closing eyes we can feel and remind their warm long long after..I love also to watch when it shines upon others hahahaha. May you keep the warmth of all the beams then continue their aim, try to warm others as you've done for me too with this poem, Thank you very much for share. Elena

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Tai Chi Italy 23 April 2011

At least you didn't squeeze the light out of it kipper! Beautifully stated. Happy Easter to you with a smile from Tai

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