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Lost kisses lost kisses
With the wind may fly
After finding him sleeping
On his shoulder you lie

It's winter, yet I can feel
first signs of spring
seen the snow melting,
heard the birds sing

From today, March 1st,
This sunny day,
To 8th of March
Most women of my land

Romeo and Juliet
Loved each other much
But for their family's sake,
Kept out of touch.

The minstrel of hearts
with tears behind smiles
the sound of cracks
a life that sucks

-Good morning sir!
To the man
who blocked her way
a little child said.

My back hurts,
I try to work in my knees
But those hurts too.

Who am I?
What I am?
..dont really know..
Today right now

Where are those times
The years gone so fast
Time to get out of leash
Shall walk my mind away

Society keeps building cities
to stop the nature create
poets and artists
on a conveyor belt.

A party a party!
I'll have a big party
Lunch is too thinner
Let's do a dinner


grains of love

And so I closed my eyes
And for some minutes long
a tear's being caught
By eyelashes, blocked.

Not hard to cry
not easy to die
Not hard to expect
Not easy to respect

Why am I not happy?
Because.. The sun's not up?
But I have a choice:
- enjoy the clouds!

We have many moments
that we could call Unique
and Wonderful.
It reminds me of the day's

Would you quit
rubbing love
to your heart?

Could I ever have the happiness
of those who cannot walk
having a first step even if small?

Rivers of tears
her throat

Last Sunday
I spent a whole day
with a beautiful river
trying to feel close

Elena Sandu Biography

Am I a poet? Who knows? Myself, as such, how could I see? Have I one clue of how to write sweet poetry? My tiny words, are nothing more than little tries to learn of whispers from my heart. More often I let my pen dance, fast and free, with no imposing rules, the only thread to follow, ~a wish to be~ of words images and memories, each longing to get caught, frozen, kept for a moment more. I have no idea if can get one smallest part, one tiny dot of those almost unconscious instinctual thoughts coming from between the worlds, still, am happy and content, for, all that matters, I have tried.)

The Best Poem Of Elena Sandu

A Kiss Catcher

Lost kisses lost kisses
With the wind may fly
After finding him sleeping
On his shoulder you lie
Roll up on him tightly
But with greatest care
Gently delicate kindly
Shhh! Don't wake him
shh..don't let him be aware
Then, all kisses! Once:
kiss deep:
the soul, not the skin!
-Vacuum any sad cry!
Spick and span cleaned
The heart of a child
Once again let rise!
Then slowly and kind
Sweet heart of a child
Let's start filling back
With goodness revived
And Smiles.. In biig size!

Elena Sandu Comments

Kipper Stagg 17 March 2010

Elena is truly a warm and loving poet who writes with such a beauty driven from deep within her warm heart I have enjoyed reading her poetry immensely particularly 'Sibiu, My love! ' may you write many more poems of such a high caliber and may your life be filled full of sunny days! Your friend. kipperstagg.

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Igwilo Vincent Somto 12 August 2016

When I read your works, am grateful because their is still a pure soul yearning for world peace and purity out there, I believe so because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, please keep writing out of your bowel of inspiration.

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 12 July 2011

poems of you are not like any one..but you don't consider yourself a poet.them who is the poet on here, you manipulate my feelings with your words like a young boy manipulating a ball raising it high in the sky and sometimes trample it as in your poem (pardon) Elena..you are a great poet

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Edwina Reizer 23 October 2013

Hi Elena, I have been reading some of your poetry. I am happy to tell you that you have your own unique way of expressing yourself. And that is what makes a good poet. Keep it up. You are very talented. Sincerely, Edwina Reizer

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Kesav Easwaran 22 October 2013

You are more than a poet as your words vouchsafe...you have a poet heart! Nice read

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Richard Antwi 22 June 2020

My tiny words, are nothing more than little tries to learn of whispers from my heart!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 August 2019

Elena Sandu is a very nice poetic friend and I know her from many years. She writes very beautiful poems on nature, life, society and memory of love. Her poems are very heart touching and motivational essence we find. Her perseverance is of high quality. She spreads fragrance of poetry through her wonderful and excellent skill of writing. I am wishing her all the best for her poetic journey. May God bring happiness for her always.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 October 2018

On behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poetess Elena Sandu as, Joyful Lily. From today on-wards she will be known as Joyful Lily Elena Sandu. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. This honourary title is conferred to her due to her unique style of writing, her perseverance and contribution to literature.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 June 2018

Yes, you ARE a poetess!

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Professor Plum 13 December 2016

I'm your friend from Poetfreak. (Rex Muffinstud) . I found you here..... :)

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Elena Sandu Quotes

Like finest bread, we learn its pleasant taste not when we chew or swallow, but later, when no crumbs are left.

A father can build mountains with the love for a child but those mountain will shine a life of diamonds only if father also loves the mother of his child.

We will never fail twice over the same spot so let's try consider a fail, one forwards step.

As food cooked without a pinch of love Most sure is to have no taste A life lived without the taste of love Might prove to be a daunting waste.

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