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“hail Mary Full Of Grace”

“Hail Mary full of grace”
He gazed at the statue robed in blue and white.
“Hail Mary full of grace”
He chanted constantly all day and all night

A Fathers Love

He had but to ask and all ills would be forgiven.
He'd seen enough of life's carnage to turn him slightly mad.
Yet ask as he might no hope nor help came forth nor ever was given.
Time lost, time running out, he was alone and desperately hopeless and sad!


You smiled and my world fell apart
You didn’t know the power you possessed
Whilst playing with your friends in the park
If you could but feel this beating aching heart

Adams Rib

Adam's Rib

Adam's Rib sat and heard all his cry's, and watched as he wiped all the tears from his eye's.

Innocence Lost!

Innocence lost!

All of his life people had beaten him down,


You'd thought they learnt by past mistakes
How many lives that it must take
To learn where youth and laughter go
To fight in war for one last show


Was it not enough?
Did he not suffer quite as much as you’d wanted?
Was all of this folly just what you’d needed?
Had he not witnessed all ill's of men and was his despair taken


An autumn day with chilled wind whips dry leaves in front of every step I take,
An ancient tree groans and creaks and gently sways
As I pass it sending warning of the coming winter preparations we must make
Whilst a squirrel scurries past in haste gathering provisions and hesitates in curiosity watching as I wend my way.

The Trials And Tribulations Of Job

And Job who was a God fearing man, and worshiped the lord and carried about his duties as best he could, looked upon his life when it was all done and questioned God saying
'Did I sin? Was I not your most humble servant, fearing you? Honouring you and worshipping you? '

'Yes' said God ' none where so true and faithful as you! '

In The Beginning!

On the first day God said “let there be light”
And there was light and God separated
Darkness from light and this he called “Day and night”

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