Taylor Renfrow

Colors - Poem by Taylor Renfrow

I am every hue in the spectrum of personality
I am every shade in the setting of the sun
My face is tinted with many visages
And the searching of my soul has barely begun

I am the agitated red
Abashed at any minor word, color rising in my cheeks
I am the calm green
Resigned to life, a leaf in the wind

I am the cool blue
Observing those around me, aloof in myself
I am the compassionate orange
Gentle and kind, easy on all around me

I am the searing yellow
The brightness of my happiness spilling over
I am the royal purple
Alone in my extolled state

I am the all encompassing brown
A little of this and of that
I am polar opposites, black and white
Neither existing to the extreme

I am a color in your eyes
In the eyes of all
Yet each eye beholds a different color
A different entity, each in a constant withdraw

The rainbow cannot touch upon my vastness
It cannot hope to endeavor, and succeed, to dictate all of me
The world itself cannot hold my color in
For I am whatever color it has not seen, and never will

I am such a mixture of the rest
That I transcend brown in its culmination of three
I am the conglomeration of all
The ultimate shade of nothingness and everything

I exist in the extremes
Unlike those colors black and white
Who cannot hope to ever attain true individuality
For true black is nothing, true white is nothing, and I am both

I am nothing
I am everything
I do not exist
I do exist

I don’t exist
I don’t
Existence is beyond the only true color
For everything would pale before and beside it

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 23, 2006

Poem Edited: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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