Courtney Beaudry

Colors - Poem by Courtney Beaudry

I wonder why each time I think
Each thing is represented differently
I believe each one is painted, a tint
In a pretty colored symphony

I don't speak of the colors you all see
No, I know these ones you cannot
You see things like people and trees
I see words, feeling, and thought

Around the people I call dear
I sometimes see a placid blue from afar
Or a happy yellow
And I know then who they are
Around one, and only one
A special red resounds
In the center of all this blue
The special red I found

My family is painted gold
Strong, uplifting life
Their arms like wings, a mold
Helping through the strife

All the other colors
I don't understand, but have seen
No others really important
Except my life giving green

Not just trees, or plants
But all good in the world
It used to be everywhere
Till the blackness unfurled
Stories said people like me
Used to see, so much green
Black replaces it all
Black is all I see

Black is the smoke that rises from the buildings
Who's very intent is smeared with black
Black is the very color of the cities
It is the hearts of many I see
Black has taken over life
Taken over green!

I don't see much gold
Blue is smaller too
And only one red

Black has taken too many souls
Too many deeds
Too many words
Green may one day completely die

Sometimes I see black
In my thoughts or words
I dispose of it
And try to replace it with green
So that it, I may still see

I don't see the world as you do
I may not even know the same world as you
For most colors I see
Are blue, black, and green

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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