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Daddy's Little Girl

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On a shooting star
One girl wishes
Her dad would come back from afar
Her daddy's off in war
Off in Iraq
Every day she hopes
Her dad would come back
'Why does there have to be war! ? '
She cries

Her mommy shakes her head
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Greenwolfe 1962 10 May 2008

When I saw the title of this I just had to read it. I never had a little girl, but I always wanted one. To read about the hurt of her daddy being gone was a hardthing to read. But I guess that's the price of love between a father and his daughter. GW62

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Madly In Love 10 June 2007

Courtney this is an amzing poem, i would be in so much pain to if my father went to go fight in the war... good poem it is so touching i love it

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Crystal Maple 29 May 2007

You know what I hear in this poem: whining! You miss your dad? ? ? So do the ones who don't have them and they have a better reason then there dad going off to war! There isn't a draft, he volunteered! ! Be proud that he wanted to make a difference, no matter if we should still be there or not...he wanted to do this, especially to keep his family safe. You should be thanking him, wishing instead that he is well and safe!

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Allen K. Turner 29 May 2007

Great poem, I can tell you miss your dad.

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