Coming After Him Poem by Randy McClave

Coming After Him

They're not coming after him
They are coming after us,
I then think sadly to myself
Oh my Lord Jesus.
When people ever say this
I give out a sigh and also a laugh,
I can't believe that anyone is that gullible
And walking that stupid path.
If I didn't pay my taxes
I then would be fined and maybe go to jail,
And if I ever raped any woman
I'd then would be arrested and have to pay bail.
If I tried to overthrow our government
I would be arrested and called a traitor,
And if I wanted to kill or arrest those who stood against me
I would then be called a dictator.
If you ever break the law
No matter if you're rich or poor or famous or not
No matter how small or how large
I seriously would pray that you are caught.
They are coming after him
They are not coming after you or me,
He has lied and cheated and broke many laws
I wish his worshippers would open their eyes to see.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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