Complacent Love Poem by vern eaker

Complacent Love

Complacent love is love still
Often time wears against our will
Dulling the way our love may feel
Without notice gone is the thrill

As if love sleeps never to wake
Taken for granted errors we make
Love exists but the actions we forsake
Neglecting chances we should take

I love you said once often now few
Compliments said only on cue
Rare are meaningful kisses of two
Complacent now your lover and you

Sleeping together is only rest
Still your cordial even jest
Passion though headed west
Comfortable now life is best

Complacent may equal content
Seemingly happy days are spent
You might wonder where passion went
Unnoticing your love became complacent

Gone now are the stolen kisses
No longer interested in the others wishes
Gone are the days of holding hands
No more surprise dinner plans
Everything becomes routine
Life running, like a machine
Love life once insane
Love life now so mundane

Complacency can be a bore
Lacking excitement for sure
Love should be a whole lot more
You need to crave who you adore

Complacency is very frail
When it’s noticed you can tell
Simple things get misconstrued
Sudden change wrongly viewed

When you say I love you
And are asked 'what did you do'?

Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

'Complacency is very frail When it’s noticed you can tell' Rachel Ann Butler

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