Confused Poem by Samarah Essler


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I am so confused,
when you read this you will be amused,
I don't know what I'm doing,
all I keep hearing is people booing,
I'm scared,
please know I cared,
why dose this have to happen to me,
why can't you see,
I'm sick of this,
and I'm sick of taking this risk,
all I want is a better life,
especially before I become a wife,
I just need to strive,
maybe I should just stay alive,
I should be strong,
I don't think that's wrong, I really have to try,
and say I don't want to die,
or go high,
at lest not now,
cause when its time people will bow,
because I stayed strong,
in this horrible world real long,
and people will like that,
and I think that's a fact,
I'm actual seeing whats real,
and people now know what I feel,
I'm glad I'm getting this all out,
so people will know hat I'm all about,
do you think what I am doing is right? ,
I think so,
but do you think its to late? ,
I hope not,
I keep having this one thought,
its what would happen if I was dead,
people who love me would cry in their bed,
and have so many thoughts run through their head,
they would be really sad,
and they would feel really bad,
some of them would think its their fault,
and that all I ever did was sulk,
and that they didn't care,
but if I was gone they would think I wish I was their,
well I will not go,
so now you know,
but I will still feel fairly low,
but I'll stay strong,
at lest you don't have to say I'm gone,
and now I know this is all right,
as I am typing it down tonight.

March 26/ 2006

Melvina Germain 23 July 2008

A conglomeration of thoughts running through ones head, difficult to make sense of at times, however it would seem that you found the answer to this confusion. You simply picked up your pen and decided to write it down and what a blessing that is. Getting those built up thoughts out in front of you, gives you the chance to sit and read it through having a clear sight of what is going on. You thought of death and dispelled it at the same time and that's what writing is all about, it gives you a clear insight on what is going on within. We need you here Samarah, you have many years of wonderful happenings to come. We need to see you grow in mind and body, we need to see you achieve the goals you want to achieve. We want to see you marry the one true man you love and who will love you in return and we want to see your children. Relaize my dear that you have many precious years in front of you and God will be there to help you through. Don't forget to pray and call out his name, never be afraid to talk to him, he will always hear you and answer every prayer. Another very well written poem, you brought me into your thoughts, thankyou so much for sharing Samarah..... Melvina

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