Consuming The Polluted

You should show some restraint becoming one as thy killer
The blood in the eyes of the faint
Don't ask what abominations these eyes have frightfully seen
Visually paralyzed blame points obviously towards me
You would have done the very same
Scared fled with the breeze….dead
But yet somehow escaped from the building line of slaughter
Feet leaving a divine path of copied cloned red footsteps
Only me in a deep trench of guilty curiosity
After all accused accusations quietly subside
I'll look for a paradise that I can claim as all mines
a place to lay my head
As always caged in hands reachin for freedom
Only to lose hope in meaningful plans to someday escape
Evidence pressured by uncontrollable emotions
Weak an insane loneliness has long transformed him
That once expelled infection now breaks free an is quickly spreading
A forsaken fate
Now take both of your hands fiercely
an grope me like a head on a rope in a choke
Ughhh! ! Swing in on its final croak
For this I hope hell has a light for my smoke
Beheading another mind to wander endlessly afloat
Bloated blue in the castles moat