DeWinGeD AnGelicBeinG Poems

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Consuming The Polluted

You should show some restraint becoming one as thy killer
The blood in the eyes of the faint
Don't ask what abominations these eyes have frightfully seen
Visually paralyzed blame points obviously towards me

Dome Cheifing Obscenity

Spinal catastrophe denied spewed bile
Already bathed in the swarm of leaching flies
Witness victim of the crime
A banished future on the verge of an up rise

Homosapiens We All Are

UN-evolved Homo sapiens a maggot amongst the crowd
A corpse half-life scurry in beneath the fleshy mound
An angel falling away from a once foretold pilgrimage
Knocked off unwillingly pulled down from a now so distant cloud

Hell Joy

It seems no matter what the situations be at hand
I always try in an awkward attempt to be redeemed
Breathing life into the yet unlived
A beating heart given out to the non-existing

Unleashed Barbaric Beast

A goddess waiting to sing
A stage set for the show buried
Beneath the shambles of a fallen star
Among many other deserted broken things

Dreaming Of Existence

Go ahead...I'm already long past dead
Going down this lives eternal slide
My ass taken for the scraping the only found sled
Hoping each an every single minute....I die

Vengeful Complexion

I been thinking quite dirty lately
I can't help but close thy eyes
Growing with a yearnful rise
Drowning, choking in rainbow hazed gurgled liquid lustful tides

Treasure Child

Even before you even knew your very single first word
I knew by the blue lit sky around the tiny pupils in your eyes
You were special one of a kind you were born from thine
A beauty set apart from the beast

Peasant Strike

Either tread live to constant linger or choose to wait
For the dawning of this rattled curled finger
Firmly grasping reality an all its realizations
Once my eyes quickly close the gentle pull of the trigger

Deviant Plunder

So many have tried
Countless have gone lost
swallowed forgotten lives
payed the highest cost