Vengeful Complexion Poem by DeWinGeD AnGelicBeinG

DeWinGeD AnGelicBeinG

Crown point indiana

Vengeful Complexion

I been thinking quite dirty lately
I can't help but close thy eyes
Growing with a yearnful rise
Drowning, choking in rainbow hazed gurgled liquid lustful tides
A dream of what's truly inside
A golden treasure gleamin in the star's eye
An empty box of broken freed memories
Multiple echoes screeching screams of resurrected zombie queens
Search in the shadows at night for souls to feed
Humane behavior like a book's mark folds between
The walking decaying obscene scene
Satan has my soul I signed a contract with my own blood
What do I have to do to comprehend the photograph you see of me?
I pour out my insides
Not even that gets one second of your dying attention
Once a daily dreamer now a rustic dusty past broken invention
Limited by the designers flaws constructed for perfect admiration
Blueprints lost buried for fear of structural completion
Holding onto the rim of this black hole of a life
Trying so very hard to not be sacrificed survive depletion

Overtaken by a nightly surprise
Gouged sight for that now were all very blind
Forsake the feeling of being safe to bleed
Held captive by our very own stale vanity
Tragic it may seem yea...
I would gravely adore dissecting my mortal enemy
Who wouldn't? Presented a Villainous laugh
Ya see as thunderstruck as I'm to catch my hearts end
Easily in close reach one day
Hopefully bear witness to your slowly decaying demise
Napalms free-fall from the sky's
As the apocalypse wages on eternally
A constant battle continues on
Stories for history to tell tales of heroism
Coming to a red painted close concluding a dream
And it wouldn't be satisfying if not real but a fake scream
A sky rocketed burst in the sky
Achieving completion of the classic high five
I guess there is an I in team a lonely buddy gester
Punching straight through a bee hive
Craving for the tensional pain
Someday ill break free from this ball & chain
I want to cause you loving sexual internal pain
You linger on the thought of me being so vain
I speak scream in a desperate plea
'Somebody somebody help me! ! '
When i reach for your gracing touch
Drowning outside in the pouring rain
Everyday reliving that painful memory in (HD) instant replay
Love i whispered my dear but ya see
No one but the night was there in my demonic despair
In madness ripped out every strand of pore occupied hair....


DeWinGeD AnGelicBeinG

Crown point indiana
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