Contagious..... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

dear friend
i write this with bitterness
this poem,
this un-poem,
this anti-poem which is bitter

i do not know if you are bitter too,
because if you are
perhaps you
can easily understand how is it to be unpoetic
because you are bitter
because i have
the impression that to be poetic
it must be something
that makes us feel beautiful
inside out
and which also
spreads beauty
all around the world,
and people will be happy
and know that something
poetic is always the one
that creates order,
nice feelings,
nothing of that bitter sort,
that depressing effect,
that prompts a suicide
somewhere along the straight line
of life,

i have nothing bad
for all my intentions,
i am a bitter man,
and i am writing about bitterness,
and you surely will
not like it,
because you are
a happy man,
in blissful state,
as you wish to convey it
in your pictures at
and the rest of the write-ups
that you have posted
so far.

this poem is
like a volcano
that soon will erupt
i hope there will
be no casualties

it has to.
because it is needed.
because it is.

i think,
it is time for you to
run away and avoid me,
and forget ab
out me,

as of this moment,
you should have already

i guess,
you are interested
in bitterness,
it is sweet to know that
are you
bitter too?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 19, 2012

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