donald kuutsi

Rookie - 363 Points (HARARE, Zimbabwe / 9 july 1991)

Continental Drift World Aids Day Poem '' All Stars Poets'' Extended Version Part 2 We Are The Generation - Poem by donald kuutsi

How can one person condemn another
Ignorance does superstitions gather
Virus to fear, no right for spirit to shatter

Acquired illness reason to ostracize in society
Indifferent to afflicted's pains and tragedy
Devoid of compassion and acts of humanity
Shame on us AIDS knows no diversity

Whatever reasons may be infected ones need not our pity We are needed to show empathy
To be just there for them our moral duty
One can't be infected with mere touch of care
Support and love definitely can share
Put your feet in their shoes if you dare
Not just risks but their plight be aware

[SIR Rex Nigeria]
Acquired Ignorance Deficiency serves us a greater truth
Irrespective of the existence of the brute
Don't over look the letters of old etched on scrolls
Sepulcher of this dreadful creature is in your hands

For how long?
Are we going to dwell under the spotlight of the predator's shadow of death? ,
Relatives & friends being swallowed by the earth,
How many relatives, how many friend? , Succumbing to the predator's poison?
Day &night lying on bed helpless,
No time to sleep living in nightmares,
Watching them as they suffer,
Reaping what they sowed,
Karma haunting them staring at the hour glass
Time is ticking as we count the hours
#Time a circus always packing up & going away, #
The predator is on the prowl taking lives and our autonomy

Let us stand firm on the ground and pray
Asking for mercy and grace intervention so that we won’t be the prey
The time is now, time to embrace the future,
For a better tomorrow and a better change
Are we going to make it every hour, every second another life taken?
Arise with a vociferous cry,
What kind of legacy are we going to bestow the next generation?
Poverty? H.I.V &Aids Generation?
Out of promiscuous practice, multiple sex partners?
Wakeup & smell the coffee beneath your nose,
Run fast so that the earth doesn't swallow you Alive,
Let us chose to live, embrace change to make a difference.
United we Stand divided we fall, together we can make it,
Paving a way for a free HIV/AIDS GENERATION

[Pearl Da poetic empress Durban S.A]
With every silent night sung
Our hopes in the heavens hang
Doubt feels our hearts, will any human kind rise above this
Would Christ himself have messy on us?
Our past does matter
For we breathing in and out our forefathers unnatural hand.
For if it was natural,
With so much time passed the scares would have healed
As the children of the sun we
Hang on under the naked African skies
And chant the songs our forefathers composed for the remedy could be in between the lines
Africa and the Art, the truth lies on the tip of our tongues.
We spit all we can in hopes...

[Phoebe Nyashanu, Zimbabwe]
Will we ever be free from this monster?
Maybe not in this lifetime
But is this reason enough to castrate the inflicted from society?
Even come up with names for them?
We look at them like outcasts, unclean and cursed
Yet they have just had the unfortunate luck
Of being picked on by a ruthless monster

Is it truly wise to remain haunted and immersed in the discrimination
That began when there was no such thing as enlightenment?
And we still want to call ourselves the educated and enlightened generation!
Let go of the old mindset and adopt a better view to the world
Shall we purge the old meaningless habits of ostracism?
Yes we shall!

What we cannot change at this point is the absence of a remedy
But we can change our mindsets and attitudes
The inflicted shall not be victims of circumstances
But victors of the vices that have plagued our existence
And so, forward we shall move in glory
Leaving the devil and his weapons of mass destruction
To swim and squirm in their own dirt

The cries of the mother dead last night
Still makes this infected child shiver;
For, ghosts of the trauma haunt
Even this feebly bold ink.
Must these eyes suffer another plight?
You killer with a knife to cut throats
Of the souls of the victims swiftly slowly
Will be by the vengeance of our marked hearts
You stole our sisters away,
Both way wards and wards on ways of blades.

Knock knock! ! !
A visitor by the door,
A stranger outside the house
Let in by the heart undecided
A monster galloping people
An animal squashing mankind for food,
Mom said 'beware my sons',
Dad said ''watch out it'll rearrange your being'
Our neighbour had seen it and fled
They said it was a soul taker
A body engulf er
The community named it AIDS
Ignore and you will fall into its mouth unaware
Resist it and fellow mates will say you know not
Try to drive it out alone and you will notice that your power is inadequate

I hate it with a passion,
Because no zoo can contain it
It’s a ravaging beast
Wilder than Beauty's man
Attracted by the maimed minds
Drawn by the viscosity of reckless joy
The creature needs to be bound in chains, and be put into permanent confinement where it can't break loose
Covering the scars is abandoning a cause
The creature needs capturing,
Let's protect the generation
Before it leaves the world empty
If you glance at its victims
You won't dare to behold a second time
Ignoring them would be a sin to the One above
Covering the scars is doing injustice to a cause

The GRIM reaper,
With your sickle,
None you have spared,
Our cries and wails far,
From your ears you have flung,
It has been decades now,
Since you invaded our lands,
Harvesting all that you did not sow,
In your wake leaving pain unimaginable,
Gaps so big nothing can fill,
With arrogance you have plundered our fields,
Like a mighty wave,
You have swept everything in your paths,
Trampling under your mammoth feet,
The flesh of our loved ones,
Tearing at them with the greed of a hungry vulture,
At our attempts you laugh,
To vanquish you into oblivion,
A master spy you are,
Camouflaging within us,
Hiding for a time,
With the ferocity of a lion,
You pounce and devour to the bone,
Mocking every attempt to exterminate you,
To you a game it is of cat and mouse,
Toying with your prey before jumping to the kill,
As forces united we stand,
With a voice of togetherness,
A war has been declared,
No more shall we lose,
Our vibrant youth,
Mothers, fathers and any beloved,
To such a cruel and undignified ending,
And as monstrous as yours,
You might have won the battle,
But a war has just began,
AIDS; we are coming for YOU.

AIDS can kill you with a Yes
As its terror can’t be cursed
Hear the cry from my body kingdom
As intruders from outside world have come to enslave
And torture us
We are not keen to let Aids take us to extinction
Without blood spilled on the battlefield
Too good to be true but believe my brothers and my sisters
Got potential
I am an Artist so I express my feeling through the sound
Should I lay my thoughts on the beat or the instrumental?
When you Aids told me it was not the same
Lost my hopes till God reached his hand on me,
Told me not to quit till the war was over! ! !

The cure,
Who knoweth a man?
That could deliver such a cure,
To an illness so gripping that it shakes society's core,
Leaving loved ones no more,
too countless to bare,
If there was such a man that existed,
We would surely rejoice,
For the curse would be lifted,

Beyond the scary dark clouds is a marvelous blue sky,
Beyond the darkest hour is a sparkling dawn, ,
Beyond the scary pandemic is a brave generation,
A generation to fight the ghost that haunts that of our kind,
Relegating it to the edge of utter oblivion,
For behold the ghost have taken many of our kind,
Today we raise our flag to support the affected,
Today we raise our guns to kill that which poses a threat to our kind,
Today we remind the world of our diligent endeavor to fight AIDS to the last breath,
Today, and I mean today, we raise our banner of hope, faith and perseverance,
Remembering our role to our affected beloved ones,
Remembering our role towards an AIDS free generation,
Its my duty, it's your duty, its everyone's duty

Aids and poverty in our shoulders
Now we climb mountains to reach the surface with our safe face.
Now we are crawling in the rain that pouring.
Storm is curving God we are praying.
Now we are mumbling
But our words are talking within the soul
Aids has turned us to monsters.
We have created a new life in it with fear.
Fear to be born today and die tomorrow
Fear to live in Aids as our slave master.
Controlling our moves as remote.
We going to live not survive.
We strongest species the best the men distressed.
Our problems will be compressed.
Our present impressed
Our sins confessed to run the run the race never rest.
We our possessed:
We are progressed and We are obsessed.
Our future undressed to be addressed
We survive slave trade we going to serve Aids...

I cannot but be compunctious,
Jaded and cleaved with no place to go,
The four vicious letter words stay prominent,
The epidemic has turned into pandemic so soon. Reality complemented sporadically then smashed into smithereens,
The pieces in abundance having lived a life of agony,
Hiding behind the dark side of you. The mind reduced to haste
The flesh reduced and ruined.
Our friends, relatives and loved ones had fallen victim to AIDS.
I was shocked out of the narrative,
By their face, physical fact of their inches from mine, smooth, loving and alert.
Why is it so difficult?
Remembering the real look of them now?
Because the vicious four letter word has over shadowed them. When l stand on the front lines no cussing the lack of truth,
The absence of willful change and strategic coalitions.
I pleaded with AIDS to give us a break for millions have to live.
Secure our lives are all we can pray.
I have realized that sewing bait will not make it vanish,
Nor save us...
But all we pray is 'Getting to Zero,
Zero new infections, Zero death from AIDS related illness
And Zero discrimination.'

Humanity decimated,
Physically gored by this merciless stigma,
Aids the pandemic,
Snatched away my parents under my watch,
Took my brother from my arms,
My sister, weaned under my watch,
Legacies crumble as we succumb to this dragon,
To what do we owe our plight?
For in this existence we are startled,
People dying like flies, without honour,
Destructed homes, innocent cries of babies left to nurse the wrath alone.
Boys and girls gone without wishes,
The young, the old punished by death so painful.
Merciful God save us the pain.
Lest we find a cure soon enough,
To save ourselves from this gazelle,
And our cry in unison is the medicine we seek.
To root out discrimination and ignorance,
To chase away the blame game,
To charge our responsibility
And mould our devoured humanity,
Into building a generation that cares,
A generation that fights with every desire to be free,
Free from this artificial man eater,
Together we can build it,
United we can defeat it
Together we can be free,
Free from fear, from distress,
Freedom that ignites a code, a discipline.
A free generation that is HIV free!

The world suffers as the virus scatters,
Peeping through shutters we utter and mutter,
As we mutter we let splatters of eye water,
The ratter has shattered all future matters.
Unfair affairs ire our emotions,
They bare our health and tire adoration,
Bringing shares of care connotations,
And where our mere affections.
The common enemy of the universe,
AIDS, the appendage of the unwanted worst’s,
She rests within demeanors of the human race,
And await the opportunity to reach rest.
Why adhere to our enemy’s mission,
When we can deter her existence,
Why pretend we cannot reason,
When we can defer to better sons.
Let’s unite and smite her with might,
For she might wipe our fine lives,
Ply her sly and ill trials,
And dry out our fine PIs.
As I leave my verbose expression,
Please note my very intention,
To have a great inversion,
That motivates AIDS prevention.

The world fought and the world prevailed.
The world still fights, united to
Disembowel common enemies:
War, terrorism, hunger.
But when it comes to you, the greatest of our adversaries.
The destroyer of mankind, disunity reigns in.
While a few sleep walk through their life in search of a cure,
The majority ceaselessly pour kerosene onto the fire.
Why is mankind so naïve?
Why should laboratories forefront instead of supporting the fight?
For how long will we hope?
When will we join the frontline?
The most potent weapon is in our hands.
What we fight is mighty yet miniscule
Just posed with the ills our paws quashed.
When we wake up and collectively harvest this inert energy.
Then this tiny smudge
Will be squeezed to dust!

Society looks at me like a walking grave
Infected doesn't mean frayed.
If only the windows of your soul could open their eyes
How can touch contaminate your skin?
Sickness turned to sin
I object, I'm not an object
This soul needs a hug, turmoil in a coffee mug
My mistake was serving the god on the mirror
Neglecting the latex, warn broods not to envy gold caskets
Thinking I'm immortal without safe sex
Should have used latex on my late ex
I am now a refugee in my own body, often
You speak and your tongues curl, often I am the orphan
Why do you mourn me before I am a tomb?
A disease does not meter a womb
My esteem glides in a hail storm
People treat me like I am branded
Children scream my voice in mockery
Yet my vitals inverse the mortuary
Circumcision could have changed a lot
Compaction stirring the pot of thought
As the vector consumes my self-worth
Beneath my chest bounds an engine
And it won't stop for a whisper
I'm not here to outlive anyone, just surviving
The sickness is not in my cells or reversed central dogma
Because of HIV you treat me like poison ivy
It's in the world that's failing to relate
The lips that speak of me as a slave
Failing to separate my body from my soul
All blood is red, I'm as black as coal to the core
Love me, understand me
A generation free from stigma is the right tactic
Together we will rice like tastic

Raising A-H-A!
I have a dream
That one day my kind will live longer
And partner in joy and sadness with humanity
To come in their joy
And stay in their sadness.
Here I am
The virus
The common rival of good soldiers
The demon with a ravenous appetite
I crave for human juice
And through blood transfusions
I come from old homage’s to fresh attractions
Seeding my offspring in boards of survival
That they build their inherent empires.
I come in blades abandoned
I come in matter mucosal fathomed
I come in the young ransomed
I come to kill soldiers and securities
And succumb the homage under my spell
The more careless humanity becomes
The more our domains survive.
And until they cease to cheat on their securities
I will be the cause of their misery
And price for their immorality
But my kingdom mates scatter away from my plan,
Evading back to the condemned abyss
Because one thing threatens their loyalty
And that is A-H-A!
Awareness of HIV to All!

Forsake my ways for this hope seems fake
Forget the days i tried to smile for sorrow pours over the next mile
But forgive my flesh for my soul conforms not to these thoughts
Born in a day that knew no sun
As AIDS was served for breakfast
We were breastfed on Nevaripine so I learnt to wish upon the stars
Stars that fell not to grant me a wish,
but 3 stars that fell down my throat to help my body fight
We are the generation with this story to tell

BIOGRAPHY of the poets
 SIR Rex Nigeria – Sound Engineer, Blogger, Writer & Poet
 WORDSMITH_DONALD KUUTSI, ZIM- Harare Polytechnic ND Marketing, Poet & 12time Sunday Mail Bridge published Poet of the week, Writers International Network of Zimbabwe [WIN-ZIMBABWE], National Handling Services Aviation Pvt Marketing Intern
 Pearl poetic empress SA- Guitarist, Designer, Poet & writer
 Phoebe Nyashanu Zim- Outgoing Senior Prefect Westridge High & Multi- Published Sunday Mail Bridge writer, Harare Junior Council
 ADELERE ADESINA, NIG-University of Ibadan, Economics, writer & Poet
 Bob Evans Kenya—Mass Comm. Zitech University College, Poet & Writer
 Two_sik Zim- Hip Hop Artist, Web designer & Programmer, Songwriter/ Poet
 Florence Chikumba Zim- L6 ARTS Royal College, Zimbabwean Sunday Mail Bridge 2 time Published Poet of the Week
 Sakhile Dhlamini - Kwazulu natal university education,2time Zimbabwean Sunday Mail bridge published Poet of the week
 Albert Sithole Zim- Kwekwe Polytechnic Purchasing & Supply ND,9 time Zimbabwean Sunday Mail bridge poet of the week
Anesu A.j Jenami - Hip Hop Singer, Beat maker & Songwriter
 Gregory Samakande - I.T ND Harare Polytechnic, hip hop artist, graphics designer,2 Zimbabwean Sunday mail bridge published POET
 The Speaker - Spoken word artist,2time Zimbabwean Sunday mail bridge published Poet of the week
 Charles Duncan- spoken word artist, Poet & Author
 Gracious Nyatanga ~ civil ENG,1 time Zimbabwean Sunday mail bridge published poet
 Tapiwa Ashley Mawere wits 5th Year medical student,5 time Zimbabwean Sunday mail bridge & 1980 alliance published Poet, Wits Medical school The DRIP Online magazine published.
 Monica Rupazo, University of Zimbabwe tourism, loving Trust& true lies published author, Sunday Mail Bridge Multi- Published Poet of the week, Writers International Network of Zimbabwe [WIN-ZIMBABWE]
 GAYLORD ' THE MARXIST' MUNEMO, Young People for African Development Director, special honors Anthropology 2014 Great Zimabwe university, BSSc Anthropology, BSSc Hons Sociology, MSc Anthropology GZU,7 time Published Poet of the week Zimbabwean Sunday mail bridge

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Form: Ode

Poet's Notes about The Poem

'Life most urgent question is what are you doing for others'

If you hear this message where ever you stand
I m calling every man and woman
We are the generation
We can't afford to wait
Future started yesterday
We are already late
We Have been
We been looking for the world to change
If you feel the same
Sing along with me if you are out there
Stand up and say it loud
Elvolver album 2013
If you are out there song tittle
Track number 13

Let this message spread across the Globe like a veld fire

'Together we can make a difference'

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