Corona's Arrows Hit Our Chests Everywhere. Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Corona's Arrows Hit Our Chests Everywhere.

Not a single country
Is exempted from
Corona's calamity at all
Simply because that's the way
With the killer virus,
Death tolls are not exaggerated at all
Simply because the nasty virus
Has declared a comprehensive war
On all of us everywhere,
Not a single soul is exempted
From the stupid virus at all
Simply because it just targets us
Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere,
Corona's arrows are imminent
Wherever they hit,
We try to avoid the criminal virus, but
It chases us till the end,
We are all in a big ordeal
Simply because we are not able
To eliminate the mean virus
Up to this moment at all,
We are all on the run while
Corona ambushes us badly
Anywhere and everywhere,
We all want to survive
While our bitter enemy insists
On terminating our whole life,
All kinds of animals are not exempted
From Corona's death tolls at all
Simply because it aims at killing
All people and all wildlife
Anywhere and everywhere,
Unless we get rid of
The criminal virus,
It means our absolute surrender
To the unknown with
Our whole genocide
Sooner or later.

Corona's Arrows Hit Our Chests Everywhere.
Monday, May 4, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: disease
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