Coronavirus Blues Poem by Bryan Taplits

Coronavirus Blues

The sun was up, the clouds were out-
a spectral, blossoming scene.
No fears or cares or even dares
Our lives were glossed and sheened.
But from the blue and in the air
New fears were formed-
elusive and obscene-
The enemy appeared, so thus,
C O V I D-19.

The sun growled down on shivered grounds-
As flowers sobbed graven marks,
And many past walks beneath trees' wholesome shades
Evoked lamented graveyard-parks.
A somber sweep upon the free-
Amidst shrieks of Government's sounds,
'We must, we MUST, WE MUST adjust'-
So came the word-'Lockdown! '

Soon came a flash to all good flacks
And every soul on land,
'What if this arose again? '
And then, again. Again'? !
Experts told and foretold of things,
we all someday would rue,
'From this wave to another plague' they‘d shout:
'We must beware -
'Might come some day: Wave 2! '

In distant days-without sun's rays-
no longer a tread of man;
Damned and abandoned-
But no longer a threatened land.
Politicos once pioneered-
Exulting as they led-
Too late-and no reviews heeded here-
Once living; now all dead.

Social distancing, we were told, would lead to better things.
'Wear masks'! we read-and then was said
'Once more your lives would flame and sing'.
'All' was 'known', (then 'not so sure')
As fortune waved unseen,
And so it came (on tip-toed paws)

With lash it scourged then stepped and crept,
Until Their whips were sate,
A watchclock, on time, precise,
Bit early-
but for us too late.
Not just COVID did slaughter
Nor lingered nor did maim
For the climax in this dear climax, was:
'The destruct all nations' game.

And soon we hearken to another foul
But this one is a rooster,
Listen to its nanny-crow,
'Hark! '-
'It's time to get the Booster.'
And so we line in those lines-
Not to sports or concerts dear,
But on more sinister and sordid paths-
Which lead not to joys but to fear.
And we needn't look around
that far corner-
For the swelled fear, we are feeling,
is already here.

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