Corporate Christ Poem by Daniel Hooks

Corporate Christ

Corporate Christ!
You've taken root
In you're corporate suit.
Your officially owned
Loaned out to the highest bidder.
As your soul begins to wither
no one can save you.
Your best efforts are left at the foot of your crucified body.
Now sponsorship deals
reveal more about you
than you first knew
everything is sponsored even your baby blue eyes, you dream of starry skies.
but it all tastes the same
bloody rain
pain on pain.
You stare at adverts
dream of what you can own
while all manner of people die alone
you're dreaming of your dream home
and an identity not of your own
your dreaming of being someone else
where is it getting you?
where is it getting your mental health?
where is all the happiness you once craved?as you grow ever more depraved wanting to be saved and searching for an answer but the question is still out of reach!
This is not meant as an anti Christian poem but can be taken as a strong rebuff for all who would use God as a way of making money and preying on peoples hopes and dreams!

Monday, April 13, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: christ,corruption,death,emotional
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