Cotswolds Poem by JJ Evendon



The road stretches far in front of me,
lined by Cotswold stone walls and old oak trees.
Light flickering through branches like peppered stars
reflecting slowly across the bonnet of my car.
I see a pigeon flying alongside trying to keep pace,
and feel the early morning sun kiss my face.
What better way to make you smile,
than driving through the Cotswolds mile after mile?

If everything in life could be as good as this
the world would be happy and full of bliss.
A sign I see says it’s not far to go.
20 minutes at the most if I go with the flow.
The road damp after heavens opened up in a stream
leaving a rainbow coloured sky as if made in a dream.
It would be nice to stop and ponder for a while.
Driving through the Cotswolds mile after mile.

The end of my road is as far as I want it to be.
Wherever this is, the choice is mine you see.
I’m not there yet and have some distance to go,
so slowly turn up the volume a notch on the radio.
With fields and trees rushing past and sunroof open
listening to the music with words sung not spoken.
I like the sound, I like the rhythm, I like the style.
Driving through the Cotswolds mile after mile.

My road is coming to an end - beautiful as it may be.
Cotswold stone replaced by daffodils and blossom trees.
Wide pavements give a feeling of peace and space.
I see a lady jogging with her hair out of place,
the postman putting mail through a door.
Wonder if it’s important, wonder who it’s for?
And, as the sun comes up, I close my eyes and smile,
dreaming of driving through the Cotswolds mile after mile.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: Driving
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