JJ Evendon Poems

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Whispering Stones

Great sarsens stand silent, like warriors.
Awaiting battle, awaiting orders.
On the passing of the shortest night,
they become sanctified with the coming of the new light.


I heard a funny story the other day
about Penguins who nest close to the end of a runway.
Living on a small island that is all rock with no sand,
they are not use to seeing large planes come and land.


I dived into the water
only to find myself at the ceiling of great depth.
There was no ground to stop my fall
just a feeling of weightlessness.


Things that are old
In antique shops they are sold.
From collectors books
to long rusty window hooks.


I am Divine Wind called 'Kamikaze'.
My mission, to destroy any warship of the US Navy.
I am my country's true war hero
for I fly the impressive Japanese Zero.

The Toaster

An appliance of science is what I am.
What I make, I love to see spread, with lots of jam.
I have three slots and a basket in a metal frame.
What pops in, pops out, never to be the same.

Bacon Sandwich

Today’s a special day and I’ve eagerly woken
to the irresistible smell and sound of sizzling cooked bacon.
Two slices of soft white bread thickly cut
buttered with lots and lots of ketchup.

The Bungee Jump

(Highest bungee jump bridge, Bloukrans at 216M, S. Africa)

Below a bridge a platform stands

Cheltenham Gold Cup

Horses gallop at a fast pace
All wanting to win the prestigious race
Black, brown and some grey
For the gold cup is now under way

Speed Camera