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Whispering Stones

Great sarsens stand silent, like warriors.
Awaiting battle, awaiting orders.
On the passing of the shortest night,
they become sanctified with the coming of the new light.


I heard a funny story the other day
about Penguins who nest close to the end of a runway.
Living on a small island that is all rock with no sand,
they are not use to seeing large planes come and land.


I dived into the water
only to find myself at the ceiling of great depth.
There was no ground to stop my fall
just a feeling of weightlessness.


The road stretches far in front of me,
lined by Cotswold stone walls and old oak trees.
Light flickering through branches like peppered stars
reflecting slowly across the bonnet of my car.


Things that are old
In antique shops they are sold.
From collectors books
to long rusty window hooks.

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28 February 2015

I am not human. I am a vegetable in a soup of consciousness!

22 August 2015

My suitcase is full of clothes - yet I carry only dreams.

22 August 2015

I am happy in the knowledge that all life can be perceived differently. I am different. Therefore I know my way - even if I do not know the place!

08 May 2016

My life is like a tear drop for it falls - not once - but many times.

08 May 2016

Please guide my soul for I am lost without the compass that has brought me to you.

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Writing is my creative way of expressing whats on my mind and in my heart. I am no poet but just someone who likes occasionally to sit and express those feelings.

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