Covid Nineteen Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Covid Nineteen

Seldom I pause and reflect, often I pause to ponder cause and effect.
Records would give precision to the picture, masses affected with the rapid spread of disease
When the year started out, it was going to everybody year but only one possessed it awfully
From a small town in the Asian dragon, the diffusion effectively reaching all corners of the world.

Even with the cough and respiratory problems, the corona virusravages on months after trace
Doctors, scientists, researchers, tom dick and harry wobble in fear of the unknown
The uncertainty in the world ensues, empty stores, closed businesses like the apocalypse
Global leaders lead in distancing themselves socially, politically and assistance wise from the masses

Health works at the frontline in the fight against covid nineteen, forever heroes they shall remain
With a reminiscent thirst, I recall my local favorite restaurant now shut down and towing the rules
Travel restrictions causing worries and separation, neighbors hold back in restraint for safety
Who stands to gain the most from a socially and economically disrupted worry order from covid?

The elderly feeling the bitter blunt of the virus, being most susceptible to the virus
Italy, Spain, Korea and the rest of Europe and Asia wails in anguish from the devastation
The numbers and effect is astronomical causing lock down and on the blink of martial law to enforce
Africa least hit but cautious rest the virus ravages through the cities and villages with cure or reprieve.

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