Creator God

Amazing God!

He is really great and powerful.
He do the things perfectly, He is awesome God.
Every time I see the beauty of His creation,
I am really blessed because I have an eye to see them.
I felt His great love to me, I am so lucky living here in the world
I have a big opportunity to live and feel the power of
His grace and mercy.

I can not figure His great purposes to his people and
I can not imagine how it's begin, every time that I am
In tune in Him, I felt his essence.

The cloud, trees, air, water, birds that singing,
All of this is enough to know that he is here.
Now, if trouble comes, I think about His promise
The beauty of His creation.

I remembered what God says to me;
"I have only one life to spend in this universe",
So whatever battle may come I know I am not alone to face it
God is with me and He is willing and able to help me.

I face my life today, and my deepest prayer is to know where
I'm going. I pray that, he take me out of the dark and show me light.
I am willing to obey and help me to be strong
To whatever may come on my way.

© Jocelyn Dunbar-Sumido
10 February 2000
8: 40 PM

Saturday, June 3, 2006
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