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Critical Moments

One is known In hard times and At critical moments simply because He is testing life seriously and Life is testing him seriously.... The most difficult moments are the ones in Which one loses the one he loves after a Long period of waiting Foiling any hope he got stuck for it for a Long period of time.... Love has gone and hope has gone too, All attempts got miscarried to refresh anew..... It's life that takes more than what it gives And the end it throws us away in its corners To beg for a little bit after we refused What was too much.... Love got lost and life has turned hopeless...... Life has got dry around us.... There are no more rains to wait... We got the point of despair seriously... They are the critical moments. __________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a translation of the poem CRITICAL MOMENTS لجظات حرجة by MOHAMMAD SKATI
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: loss