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Crosshairs On The Heart(Center) - Poem by Soah '.'

Am I bad for you girl, do you need to rezone?
I'm sorry, where should I leave my set of keys to ya home?
I'll leave my map called 'Heart' on ya bed, in a neat little fold
Cause your a queen, princess, I need to leave you so,
So you can enter a zone, where you can sit on a throne,
Cause messin' around with me'll leave you plenty alone,
Time, to think, a little deeper on what could've been
If you had dated so-n-so, or got in that career you should've did

I see you like snappin' pictures,
Are you in love with the past, or are your lenses that much clearer
Do they help you clarify things when your eyes are 'bout to tear up
If they do pick that camera up and snap thousands of pictures
I'll support you from a distance, but then it wouldn't be different
We still wouldn't be close we'd just both be busy
I know you aimin' for my heart and I'm sorry you keep missin'
You tryna catch it in the frame, but it's playin' just like the Ginger
Breadman you gotta move alittle bit quicker
It shouldn't be this hard for you to grab my attention!
I know! And I'm sorry I'm actin' distant

I hope, you never ever slip up, I wish you best of luck,
I mean it, I see I'm different, but I don't think I've changed,
I just removed the mask that I was wearin' on our first date
But I promise you I'm the same; I manipulate and cause shame
But still I chunk up the dueces, salute cha as I walk away
Like a soldier who's gone stupid
Or poor

I just wish I had paid attention
You gave yourself up to me, and I took you like something simple...
You mistook me cause of my dimples, and again I apologize
I kinda let you think I was kind because of my eyes
And thats abuse of the tools The Father gave me,
Turnin' simple features to weapons that make you regret it
When you hit me and say you hate me

I won't ever make that mistake again,
Look at me,
I'm sayin that like you givin second chances to this trash heep
That calls himself a man but he's a dog from just how he's actin'
My next girl needs to be an 'Alisha' so a leash would stay attached to me
Or somethin' like that, call it blasphemy,
I call it wishful thinkin'...

And I don't want you to forgive me, I want you to show me up,
Keep your love life livin', your a dove, stay lifted
Show me how I should treat women, the examples that I was usin'
Well you could say they were pimpin', had no respect in them
Atleast not directed towards women,
But their bandanas and clothes were something to be considered
For them...

And look at me
I want so badly to put the blame on someone else,
Can't you see?
This story went from bein' about you to centerin' round me
But I guess thats a problem...

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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