Crow & The Sun Poem by Vinaya Joseph

Crow & The Sun

Amidst the blaze of summer's fierce reign,
Where the sun's heat scorches with relentless pain,
Crows take flight, seeking refuge from the glare,
In the sky's vast expanse, their struggle laid bare.

Their once lively caws now sound weary and low,
As they navigate through the fiery glow,
Each beat of their wings a testament of might,
In a world where survival's a relentless fight.

Trees stand tall, offering scant shade,
As the earth below seems to slowly fade,
But still, the crows persist, their spirits strong,
Though the summer's intensity seems to prolong.

In this harsh domain, they find solace in the breeze,
That whispers secrets through the rustling trees,
And as the day wanes, and the sun starts to wane,
The crows find respite from the relentless strain.

For even in the midst of summer's fiery grasp,
Nature's resilience emerges, a steadfast clasp,
And amidst the struggle, there's a beauty to be found,
In the crows' perseverance, on this scorched ground.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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