Gergana Teofilova

Crushed - Poem by Gergana Teofilova

Tell me a story and just tuck me in,
I haven't slept for ages, you know?
My mind has been tired of an impossible dream,
Running in circles in a wild drift of snow
Tell me about a king and a queen,
Living in their palace happily ever after,
Although their enemy- so evil and mean,
Could drown their whole kingdom in scary laughter

Tell me a story about a hero,
Out on a mission, riding a steed,
Where his hopes went down from many to zero,
But he never gave up, resolved to succeed
Let me, while slowly falling asleep on your lap,
Imagine a place where angels could sing,
You can keep watching the movie but fetch me the map,
I don't wanna get lost under their wings

Tell me a story, I'm so damn exhausted,
Of fighting those ghosts, searching for light,
My soul was so blind, I feel like I'm frosted,
So disappointed, that doesn't seem right
If I open my eyes you'll see them both blank,
Not like they used to flash with moonbeams and stars,
My rainbow-like smile once, looks deceivingly frank,
But I've been taught ways to hide and cover the scars

Tell me a story and pour me a drink,
May it be Johnnie this time? Black label, please?
Don't make me remember, don't want me to think,
One more glass of holy liquid to pay off my fees…
My head is so heavy but your skin feels so soft,
I touch your hand and it trembles in mine,
I haven't smoked weed but feel high and aloft,
Thrills of joy start crawling again up my spine

Tell me a story, and help me grow wings,
To fly over the rooftop and into the sky,
No more empty illusions, they ferociously sting,
It's not always easy to be the good guy
Have you ever seen those demons of blaze?
They never forgive and make you go nuts,
Made of stardust but talking for days,
They promise a way out but you end in cold cuts

Tell me a story, I need to forget,
And be completely oblivious until they're gone,
Otherwise they'll keep chasing me like at the offset,
Now can I call it a night and wait for the dawn?
My only wish is to turn back time,
And simply prevent their coming for me,
They are so horrifying, all covered in grime,
But if you hold me tonight close, you may soon set me free

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Comments about Crushed by Gergana Teofilova

  • Bri Edwards (7/11/2016 3:59:00 PM)

    favorite line so far:

    You can keep watching the movie but fetch me the map,

    i like the rhyming, esp. nuts/cold cuts, but may i please see a photo of what you mean here with cold cuts.

    maybe outset instead of offset?

    WHAT ARE the demons of blaze and the ghosts, i wonder.


    To The Rescue! !

    I am your wished-for hero, riding my steed.
    To feel insecure, you have no further need.
    Yes, hold my hand and I'll lull you to sleep,
    and forever after, from you, harm I shall keep.

    No more ghosts, no more demons of blaze.
    You shall be rested, now, in all our future days.

    bri ;)
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  • Khairul Ahsan (9/11/2014 4:52:00 AM)

    Nice poem.
    'It's not always easy to be the good guy' - So true!
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  • Aries Profanisaurus (9/10/2014 4:24:00 PM)

    I always used to like story time as a child. I would love to know the full story of the poem so I can tell it to you while you drift off to sleep. Stay strong (Report) Reply

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