Gergana Teofilova

The Most Precious Gems - Poem by Gergana Teofilova

The best things in life are free

You never need to pay for them,

They don’t cost money but a pair of eyes to see

And a heart that will only listen, not condemn

They cost more than a bag of ruby rings,

Stolen hastily by a band of thieves,

And shine more brightly than the crowns of kings,

Sitting in their velvet thrones with golden leaves

The best things in life are free,

And there’s a sun, warmer than the one up high,

It makes people closer and is often hidden key,

When someone is shy, wants to fight or еven cry

Its cosy beauty is in all of us,

A mighty weapon against all monsters vile,

We rely on it so much because,

Let me present to you…the SMILE

The best things in life are free,

There’s something that even poor people can access,

Its price depends on what one feels,

Not on dollars, diamonds and success

It is capable of drying tears,

And replacing pain with pure bliss,

It is capable of chasing dreadful fears,

Well, its name is simply KISS

The best things in life are free,

And Kiss is usually not alone

Its steady friend is also there on its knees,

Helping us to feel at home

Most lonely beings get addicted,

To this so harmless but so needful drug,

Cause every living thing will feel afflicted,

Without the comfort of a long, tight HUG

The best things in life are free,

By one of them we can travel to the moon and back,

We don’t need boats or liners to sail overseas,

We can go anywhere and won’t leave a track

Faces of loved ones long gone,

Are all around in one shot

And pictures of places at break of dawn,

Fly over on the wings of holy THOUGHT

The best things in life are free,

Another one takes us to a land of dreams,

Where we can run through sunflower fields

And happily cross over rivers and streams

After a while we feel like brand-new,

Invigorated, rested and deep,

Without it we’ll be more than just blue,

Cause nothing can ever replace our SLEEP

The list is endless but we’ll here stop,

And will terminate this fancy trip,

Those things cannot be found in any shop,

No black Friday deal or posh cruise ship

Bills and coins can buy or force,

Absolutely none of them,

And the reason’s clear cause, of course…

Each of those is a timeless, precious gem

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Comments about The Most Precious Gems by Gergana Teofilova

  • Bri Edwards (7/11/2016 3:45:00 PM)

    :) again.

    i hope you are well, and entertaining others with poems, wherever you are.
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  • Bri Edwards (10/4/2015 4:50:00 PM)

    did i write this? no, i'm probably not so romantic........ or is it 'sensitive'? a GREAT poem, though i was sidetracked for a bit (a little bit) by They cost more than a bag of ruby rings, .i think i'd like They are worth more.........

    a poem for MyPoemList indeed! care to share it in the October showcase? ? let me know.

    well, call me capitalisitic, BUT I think I would be willing to give someone a smile, kiss, hug, (and maybe even sleep with) for the ‘right’ amount of money. rubies accepted in lieu of cash of course!

    very nice. bri :)
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    Gergana Teofilova (10/5/2015 3:45:00 PM)

    Thank you, Bri! Yes, i think it would indeed sound more poetic with your suggestion :) Of course I would share it in the showcase but I thought we could only pick two pieces. But if that's's fine by me. I was actually inspired by a picture I saw once, titled The best things in life are free.If you think of it it's awfully true so I just decided to write a poem about that.

  • Kelly Kurt (9/24/2015 5:38:00 PM)

    A beautiful and wise poem, Gergana. Thank you
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    Gergana Teofilova (9/25/2015 7:43:00 AM)

    Thanks, Mr Kurt! I'm glad you have enjoyed reading.

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