ash enslow

Rookie (july 16th,1982 / Monterey, Ca)

Cultural Corruption - Poem by ash enslow

If you are close minded and have more conservative needs
Please stop here, you may not like what your about to read.
For whom do we hate when we have a bad day
the wet back, the negro, the old china man, and the gay? ?
Some see America as a dream come true
So why do we resent them, cuz we wish we could too?
We spread anger and racism like it’s in high demand
But were really disgracing this country’s land
I mean why do we curse the things we cant have
And why do we claim to be good when we really act bad?
So many people benefit from the U.S.
If we could all forgive and not live in the past

So remember,

Today we don’t hang a poor Negro man
Today we don’t kill her for betraying her clan
We don’t burn a witch for practicing her gift
We can’t take the head of a queen who’s unfit.
We can no longer have a shootout for no reason at all
We can’t really get away with breaking the law
Laws keep us safe, or try to at least
So we should not make an enemy of the police
United is the first word of our country
But we are coming apart, way to rapidly

I feel it’s because we are all fighting ourselves,
But no one can admit that, its never “our” fault
So we scoff at the poor and laugh at the dumb,
We spit on their sidewalk, they make beds on our gum
We try to control everything we can reach
We try too hard, that the fine lines getting weak
Soon we will break and crumble to dust
A civil war is among us, but were calling its bluff

Diversity seeks us out, hoping for hope-

Instead of being proud Americans and welcoming it in
We resent the intrusion with shit eating grins
With all the bad vibes and secrets being kept
With all the racists and haters and straight disrespect
With all the fake smiles and lies from the news
With all these facades and pretty bad acts
We don’t see the man in shadow, or know the real facts

Don’t you see what’s really going on?

The worlds a stage, we’re all trying to play God
So, what role does diversity really have?
We all have insecurities and fear the strange and unknown
We profile and judge them, with an ignorant tone
Foreigners are naive and make easy pray
For whom will we blame, if they all go away?
So help it a white man commit white collar crimes,
We see what we want, like we are all colorblind
So all who are pissed and really fed up,
Now you know why this country got to be so corrupt

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