Cultural Studies, I Do Not What Do They Study It Here? Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Cultural Studies, I Do Not What Do They Study It Here?

First, let me know what it is cultural studies? Is it a study of culture from political point of view or sociological or anthropological or geographical? How the geography, how the culture, how the politics of culture?

How the cocoons, small coteries of culture? How has culture evolved? Crossing the boundaries which divide man from man, how have we come to value gender bias, geographic boundary, power politics and its equation? How have we culturally the impact of race, gender, class, ideology, community, ethnicity, nationality?

How to cut the Irish ice? How to Welsh ice? How the Scottish? What it in Americanism and federalism? How the Australians? How did the South Africans, the Caribbeans?

How did the Anglo-Indians adjust with? How did it who came in the contact of the Europeans and sailed abroad, overseas bearing the brunt of boycott initially when segregations did the rounds?

Culture, how the political culture, literary culture, sociological culture, anthropological culture? How the country trend, how the urban trend and otlook? How does culture impact mood and mind and behaviour, manners and identities?

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