Curled Into A Ball Poem by Aisha Sherazi

Curled Into A Ball

Rating: 4.0

When things in life,
Get me down,
There’s one thing,
I can do.

Curl myself,
Into a ball,
When things,
Are really blue.

When things just do not,
Seem to work,
And everything,
Is grey.

I shall become,
So small and round,
I see,
No other way.

I’ll stay atop,
A grassy hill,
I’ll try my best,
To stay quite still.

And then,
If you hear me cry,
Don’t wait for,
The wind to blow by.

Just kick me down,
With all you’ve got,
I’ll roll straight down,
While in a knot.

You see,
It might be best this way,
At least I’m rolling,
Far away.

But, there’s one thing,
That bothers me,
What lies below?
Will I be free?

Of trouble, strife,
Of grief and stress,
Of worries, woes,
And sheer distress.

There may be more,
That lies below,
But there is one thing,
That I know.

That I shall be,
More prepared,
Shaped like a ball,
No more nightmare.

I’ll be ready,
To take the pain,
Curled into a ball,
I shall stay sane.

Tim Casswell 01 July 2006

i like the first four verses especially. I think they stand alone and leave more space for the imagination. You have a gift for natural unstrained rhymes. Tim

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